We are a small family run business of dedicated glass-makers from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo. The company was setup in 1990 with the aim of preserving and promoting the craft of glass-making on the islands of Malta. We are renowned internationally for our distinct and unique handmade art-glass products; inspired from nature itself and the natural beauty and charming landscapes of the islands of Malta.

We strive to offer an original and affordable, high quality handmade pieces where the quest for quality and distinction is above that of profits. All design work and manufacture by traditional techniques is carried out at our Gozo studios by a team of highly skilled local craftsmen.... We do not outsource nor import semi-finsihed products!

Gozo Glass is made from the finest materials available with no spare for expense. Where design work necessitates the use of precious materials we opt for 24 Carat Gold and 925 Sterling Silver leaf. All raw materials used in the process of manufacture are sourced exclusively from highly reputable companies that conform to stringent European standards and regulations. The environment from which we get our inspirations is highly regarded. Gozo Glass was one of the first glass-makers in Europe to use 100% lead free batch.