History of Gozo Glass

Gozo Glass Ltd. was established in 1990 on the island of Gozo as a family business venture between local entrepreneur Mr. Rupert Brooke and Mr. Michael Harris following the training of a team of local young students in basic glassblowing techniques that included Mr. Daniel Brooke who is currently one of the directors of the company.

After a short period of time since setting up Gozo Glass, Mr. Michael Harris was unfortunately diagnosed with a chronic and debilitating disease leaving all the stewardship of the business in the hands of the then, Managing Director, Mr. Rupert Brooke and his family. Unfortunately, the situation with Michael took a turn for the worse in the following years that ended sadly with his demise in April, 1994.

Determined to carry on, the Brooke family acquired all the remaining shares in Gozo Glass Ltd. in June 1994, becoming sole owners of the business and severing forever all ties with the Harris family. The connection that Gozo Glass is somehow associated with Isle of Wight Glass or the Harris family to this day is simply a myth!

This event was a major milestone in the history of the company, removing all conflict of interest impeding the progress of the company and projecting Gozo Glass on the international stage with new design work. The company invested heavily in the training of its glassmakers with the full-time employment of internationally renowned master craftsmen like Mr. Malcom Andrews and Mr. Enzo Speranza and individual training of its glassmakers was over the years carried out in Murano, Italy. Employee training is an ongoing  process to this day.

Gozo Glass was determined to succeed even in times of global economic turmoil and the engineering skills and dedication of the Brooke family, have substantially contributed to the ongoing success of the business. All glass furnaces and ancillary equipment are in-house designed with exceptional energy efficient qualities keeping the environment in mind. Gozo Glass shifted to the use of lead free batch as early as 1994.

Design work is also an ongoing process which to this day is overseen by the founder, Mr. Rupert Brooke. Gozo Glass introduced numerous new designs since 1994 that are internationally known and easily distinguished from other artists. Unlike other competitors, Gozo Glass does not outsource nor commission products and designs outside the company and each piece from the beginning to the end of the glass-making and finishing processes, is handmade in-house offering the consumer, a truly unique and genuine handmade product.

As early as 1998, Gozo Glass embarked on a project to design and build a purpose built glass blowing studio. This project was complete in 2004 with the relocating of the business to Ta' Dbiegi Craft Village some 250 meters away. The new location has ample parking space and better working environment to employees. The new building is also designed to facilitate and help the visitor appreciate the art of glass-making. 

Gozo Glass opened a second sales outlet in Dwejra Bay, Gozo in 1996 to give the customer an opportunity to purchase a truly genuine local product inspired by the natural beauty of the Maltese islands.

Former Gozo Glass Studio

Former Gozo Glass Studio